ICDMT 2016 and Exhibition “Shapeshifting Texts”

ICDMT 2016 is over. However, there is still a chance to visit the exhibition. The exhibition online was published at: https://exhibitionshapeshiftingtexts.wordpress.com/.

The conference page remains available at: https://digmediatextuality.wordpress.com/.


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Shapeshifting texts in Bergen

“Shapeshifting texts” was presented today at the University of Bergen, during a very special session. Besides meeting some members of the DIKULT research group, I had the opportunity to listen to Jason Nelson and Alinta Krauth talking about their amazing work. Special thanks to Scott Rettberg and Jill Rettberg for welcoming “Shapeshifting Texts”.

Happy Birthday, Jason Nelson!*



*Daniel Jung, thank you for the delicious cake.

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